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    Does Your Home Need Acoustic Ceilings?

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Acoustic ceilings are designed to dampen the noise between floors, helping to create a sound barrier for enhanced comfort. However, acoustic ceilings are also a popular stylistic element because they are a fast and easy way to reduce ceiling height without extensive construction work. An acoustic ceiling can be installed in hours with the use of a grid that supports a network of lighting and panels. These ceilings offer an instant fix for a room with an unappealing ceiling, and provide a sound-dampening effect that increases the livability of your space. Prior to 1978, acoustic ceilings used asbestos to block sound; today there are many other safe materials that are used to reduce sound transfer and improve aesthetics.  

    In addition to our top-quality painting services in Rhode Island, ELCO Painting, Inc. offers acoustic ceiling installation, power washing, faux finishing, and liquid-applied rubber roofing. You can find out more about our variety of specialty services for homes and commercial buildings by calling (888) 705-9050. We also invite you to check out our online gallery to view examples of our work.

    Using Paint to Make a Small Bathroom Come Alive

    Last updated 11 months ago

    A new paint color can instantly transform any room in your home. If your bathroom feels small, dark, or cramped, it’s time to consider how painting the walls can imbue the room with life and personality. Your choice of paint color and finish will have a dramatic effect on the new look and feel of your bathroom. 

    Making the Room Feel Bigger
    Bold, dark colors tend to make a room feel smaller. If your goal is to open up a small bathroom to create a roomier environment, opt for lighter shades, such as pastels, whites, and grays. These colors reflect light, instantly giving your bathroom the illusion of more space. It’s important to avoid paint colors that are too bright, however, as these can have the opposite effect, bringing the walls inward and making the room feel cramped. Pale shades of gray, yellow, orange, pink, and aqua are ideal for opening up the space in your bathroom. Choose paint with a light sheen, such as eggshell or semi-gloss, rather than paint with a matte finish. Matte finishes reflect no light at all, causing even a light-colored bathroom to feel more enclosed.

    Making the Room Feel Relaxing
    Bathrooms are associated with relaxation. Long soaks in the tub can help you to shed your cares and revitalize your mind. Even if your small bathroom doesn’t include a shower or tub, you’ll still want to create a sense of welcome and calm. It’s important to keep this goal in mind when choosing the right paint color for the room. While you can choose a few complementary colors for your walls and trim, try not to create too much visual contrast or bold statements with your paint, as these will disrupt the calming feeling of your bathroom.

    Since 1980, ELCO Painting, Inc. has been providing full-service interior and exterior painting for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Check us out on the web to find out more about our painting, power washing, and finishing services or give us a call at (888) 705-9050 to discuss your project ideas today.

    What Is the Best Way to Protect Furniture During a Painting Project?

    Last updated 12 months ago

    Are you ready to revitalize your home with a fresh coat of paint? One of the most important steps during the preparation phase is protecting your furniture from splatters and drips.

    This video features tips that can help make sure your home painting project goes perfectly. Move all your furniture away from the walls and into the center of the room before painting. Drape canvas or plastic tarps over your furniture, making sure all areas, including the feet, are covered to prevent any painting accidents.

    ELCO Painting, Inc. offers professional painting services for homes and businesses in North Kingstown, RI. Contact us by calling (401) 295-2201 to learn more about how we can help your next painting project go smoothly. You can find more tips and information about painting your home or office on our website.

    How to Choose the Best Paint Finish for a Room

    Last updated 1 year ago

    In addition to the variety of paint color options to consider for your home or office project, paints are also available in a number of finishes that can impact the final look of your space. Understanding the effect each finish will have can help you make the right choice for your needs. Your selection of finish will play a role both in the aesthetic quality of the paint job as well as its durability and longevity.  

    Types of Paint Finishes
    Most paint lines offer four to six different finish options, which range from flat, or no-gloss finishes, to extremely glossy finishes. Flat or matte finish paints don’t reflect incident light and contain high amounts of pigment, but are the least durable paint finish options. The next step up from flat finishes are eggshell finishes, which contain a low luster that reflects a small amount of light and a medium level of durability. More highly-reflective finishes, such as satin, semi-gloss, and glossy paints, reflect increasingly more light and offer significant durability and longevity to painted surfaces.

    Applications of Paint Finishes
    Matte and low-gloss finishes are ideal for walls with small imperfections. Because these finishes reflect very little light, they will disguise small bumps and cracks. However, matte paints are less durable and will need occasional touchups to maintain their look. Higher-sheen finishes can open up a room that is dark or small, and are great for bathrooms and kitchens because of their increased durability and ease of maintenance. Extremely high-gloss paints often look like enamel or plastic, creating a very dramatic and eye-catching look. If you plan to use paint with a high-gloss finish, make sure your walls are well-sanded to avoid drawing the eye to any imperfections in the surface.

    Let the expert painters at ELCO Painting, Inc. make sure that your next painting project is a success. We offer interior and exterior painting services for homes, offices, and other properties in the North Kingstown area. Click through our website or call (401) 295-2201 to learn more.

    A Look at ELCO Painting's Professional Memberships

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Many factors should be considered when choosing a company for a residential or commercial painting project. One of the most important factors is professionalism. That is because a lot of companies will offer you less than what you pay for, but professional companies always deliver. The right company will give you a step-by-step description of the work they will do and provide you with an accurate quote.

    ELCO Painting works hard to maintain our professional reputation by keeping up with our professional memberships. We are affiliated with a number of highly respected establishments and organizations, making it easy for customers to feel confident in our services. Some of our professional memberships include the Rhode Island Builders Association, PROSULT, the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America, the Rhode Island Hospitality Association, and Angie’s List.

    Get more information about the advantages of working with ELCO Painting, Inc. by contacting our professional painters today. Give us a call at (401) 295-2201 to hear about our interior and exterior painting services for North Kingstown residents. 

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